Get Ready To Learn How To Wear Your Summer Stripes

Do you feel giddy the moment the outside temperature starts to rise? Summer is that time of the year when everyone looks forward to the beach trips, Sunday brunch, and amazing new trends that are perfect for the season. However, have you ever spotted a particular style that somehow never fails to be out of fashion? Something that each one of us wears when things start to warm up? Yes, you are absolutely 100% right. We are talking about none other than stripes. This basic yet classic trend is easy to style and can be worn in an endless number of ways.

Allow us to show you how you can rock the stripes this summer in a multitude of ways. If you love fashion as much as the next girl then get ready to shop at a discount using the saviour DealVoucherz coupon codes.

The Best Way To Style Stripes:

We can’t get enough of stripes just like everyone else. And, trust us when we tell you that it is going to stay for a very long time regardless of the weather outside. But, does that mean you can’t go out of your way to look extra sassy and chic?

Wear Your Stripes The Classic Way!

Do you see a striped shirt or dress and ache to buy it? Then congratulations, you are officially the famous, seasoned stripe veteran. You can put your love for stripes on display with a lightweight, striped jacket and ditch the tee-shirt you were reaching out to. In order to be in sync with the summer season pair your sleeveless beige top and striped jacket with denim shorts. If this isn’t the ultimate way of enjoying summer, what is? To spice things up a notch, you can wear a funky accessory that will add a vibrant pop of colour. It can be anything from a handbag to a chunky, statement necklace.

Re-create Your Favourite Bohemian Look With A Twist –

What do you think about fringes and stripes? Do you like them both? Then, it is time to bring them together. Put on a striped tee(or choose a tank top)that has a beautiful detail work if fringes on it. It will bring out the ultra-stylish Bohemian appeal. But, it doesn’t end here. Choose a vibrant and bright pair of shorts to pair with your striped top. This will add glamour to your outfit and brighten up your mood. A pair of open-toed sandals will be enough to look ravishing all day long. As for accessorizing your outfit the right way, you can go with rose gold hue chic bracelet or a pair of minimalist design earrings.

Time For The Killer Look –

Stripes can be worn on different occasions, and they are perfect to suit your every mood. Get ready to shake things up a bit with a colourful striped, halter neck top with vertical stripes.  Layer the top with a well-fitted, black blazer and natural-hued, A-line skirt. You can even pick trousers if you like. You must keep your accessories simple. An oversized, round dial watch with a black leather strap or a sleek bangle is a great choice. From wearing it to your office to enjoying your date night – this outfit is perfect for every modern-day woman.

Simple and Chic Will Do The Trick –

Who has the time or the energy to spend hours thinking about what should you wear? If you only have a few minutes to spare before you have to walk out of the door, then we have just the right look for you. Put on your full-sleeved, round neck striped shirt. Compliment your stripes with a pair of cropped skinny jeans and stilettos. You can also wear the same striped top with white shorts. As for accessories, you won’t go wrong with a funky, tote bag.

Are You Ready To Go The Extra Mile?

Yes, this look will have heads turn your way. Choose a striped blouse in blue and white shade. It is going to be the best way to wear a classic with a modern twist. Pair it with a full-length, front slit denim skirt, white belt, and heels.  You’ll be ready to rock every party with this retro look.

You must remember that no matter how you match and mix your stripes, it is vital to have some fun. Do you feel comfortable wearing the outfit you’ve selected for yourself? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to go for it.