Here’s why must avoid a do-it-yourself divorce

Utah allows for no-fault divorce, which means you don’t have to blame your spouse to end the marriage. A no-fault divorce is the easiest and cheapest way to get your decree, but that also means that you have to cooperate with your spouse to agree on important issues. If there is no contention, should you consider a do-it-yourself divorce? What if there are serious concerns? There are many reasons why you may need an attorney on your side, such as – 

  1. When there is domestic violence. One of the key reasons to hire an attorney is protect yourself and your minor kids, especially when your spouse has been threatening you. A Sandy domestic violence lawyer can get a protective or restraining order in no time, something that you may struggle with otherwise. 
  2. When you don’t know your rights and important steps in the divorce process. Utah requires co-parents to attend divorce education class before the process is finalized. Also, courts usually encourage parents to come up with their own custody agreement. As for marital properties, everything must be divided equitably, which necessarily doesn’t mean equal. Hiring an attorney ensures that you are aware of every step that matters in the divorce. 
  3. When you want to protect your interests. Just because you agree with your spouse on important issues doesn’t mean you should not consider what’s rightfully yours. A skilled divorce lawyer is your best bet for protecting your interests. They can offer sound legal advice on important aspects, including child support and alimony. 
  4. Because mistakes can be expensive. If you don’t file the right documents or complete divorce forms as needed, the process can get delayed for months. Mistakes with paperwork can cost huge in the long run, and more importantly, you may sign something that you don’t understand. With a divorce lawyer, you know that every document has been reviewed, checked, and finally signed with consequences known. 
  5. Because lawyers don’t cost a fortune. People often consider do-it-yourself divorce because they don’t want to spend on an attorney. Yes, divorce lawyers can charge a lot, especially the experienced ones, but the work they do is worth paying for. If yours is a no-fault divorce with minimal issues, hiring an attorney doesn’t have to cost a lot. 

Final word

Contact an attorney as soon as you decide on separation. A do-it-yourself divorce can be clumsier than you think!