How to go About Divorce in Worcester

Are you tired and not sure you can move on in the situation-ship called marriage? Sorry about that. Marriage can be draining and tiring, especially when your partner changes right under your nose! Matrimony is not a do-or-die affair. You are entitled to your peace. Are you in Worcester, and you are thinking of meeting a divorce lawyer in Worcester MA to understand the county’s divorce procedure? While you prepare to meet them, here is what to know.

Before you can file for divorce in Worcester, you must have lived in Massachusetts for a year. The reason for the dissolution of the marriage should also be while you reside in MA.

Know the types of divorce: There are different kinds of divorce, and the MA government requires that you first know the types of divorce. So, that is more reason why you should talk to a divorce lawyer Worcester MA, who has your interest at heart.

File for a divorce: Once you have known the kind of divorce that applies to your situation, go on to file for the one that suits you. Note that for Worcs, some of the divorce options have types A and B and numbers. So, do not just rely on what you find online.

If served, respond to the divorce: Are you the one served with separation papers? Go on and respond in the Probate and Family Court. You should do this with a divorce attorney to be sure you are doing the right thing. To counter the divorce, then you should file a counterclaim in the P & F court.

Find out what is next: Once granted, find out how long the process would take before finalization. Around the court, they refer to the period as the “nisi period.”

Get a copy of your divorce records: The law expects you to get a certified copy of your divorce record. For that, you will need your docket number. If you miss your docket number, call the Probate and Family Court, where they heard your case. However, if you are doing this with a divorce lawyer in Worcester MA, they would keep proper records for you. They can even handle the stressful bit for you. A copy of the divorce record costs $20 per unit. You are to pay this via attorney’s check, money order, or bank-certified check. You have the option to get it by mail or in person.