How to Match Pearl Jewelry with Your Skin Tone?

When you are matching pearl jewelry with the shade of your skin tone, you don’t need to stress yourself. It might seem baffling to you at the first, but it is not difficult. Pearls are woman’s best friend and you can always rely on them.

Whether you are wearing traditional outfit or western attire, pearls go well with anything. You can team it up for your office party and you are good to go for the night. Many women do not have an idea on how to match skin tone and pearl color. Read this post to solve this issue right away.

Pearl to skin tone

When purchasing pearl jewelry, especially necklace or a pearl ring, it is highly recommended that the base of your skin color should be taken into account.

Fair skinned matching

Matching pearl jewelry with fair skin tone is a hassle-free task. Women with light colored skin can flaunt all types of pearl color and jewelry. Though as per the jewelry designers dark colored pearls with light color outfit will look absolutely stunning for fair skinned ladies, you can also try white, yellow and pink color tones. You can wear black pearls to create an absolute mysterious yet elegant look.

For olive to medium skin

Women with medium tone to olive skin tone can go for white, yellow and ink over tones. They look dazzling on wheatish skin tones. Also, gold tones are an absolute yes, it makes the skin look more radiant. You can also go for diamonds studded with pearl jewelry and make heads turn.

For dark skin tone

For dark skin tones white pearls with silver and blue overtones looks the best. It makes the skin look perfectly radiant and can be worn with any type of attire. Even if you are going for black pearls, go for bluish black pearl jewelry.


Pearls never go out of style. They are considered to be elegant and classy and will continue to remain in trend. Therefore, invest more on pearl jewelries than on other accessories. Also, pearls have good resale value.