Interesting facts about surrogacy

A great many celebrities have used the services of surrogate mothers to have a child. Among them are Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Elton John Michael Jackson, and even Ricky Martin.

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Over the past five years of active development of assisted reproductive technology, the number of people who have used surrogate mother services for infertility treatment has increased by almost 15%.

The pioneer country in terms of surrogacy is Great Britain. Exactly in this country the first child was born by means of the surrogate mother in 1989. 6 years later the first surrogate mother appeared in the CIS territory, where the first child was born by a surrogate mother in 1995.

The age of 35 or more is the age at which women most often use the surrogate mother services. This is due to the general quality of the reproductive system, as well as to a sharp decrease in the supply of eggs.

About 70% of pregnancies end in miscarriages due to chromosome abnormalities that cause the body to reject the fetus.

Today’s women are most psychologically prepared for childbirth and child rearing at age 40.

Nearly 40 percent of patients who go to clinics for artificial insemination are women over the age of 35.

About 15 percent of couples worldwide experience serious problems with conception and are diagnosed as infertile.

This means that more than 6 million people in Russia alone between the ages of 20 and 40 have experienced problems one way or another when trying to have a baby.

About 12% of infertility is due to problems in women’s reproductive systems.

About 40% of women who have become surrogate mothers then go on to repeat surrogacy if their age allows it.

Only up to 5% of CIS residents, when they experience serious problems with conception, turn to a reproductive surrogate to solve this problem.

The real record-breaker in surrogacy is Englishwoman Carol Horlock, who has given birth to a total of 13 children for infertile couples

There are only 3 or 4 children per 100,000 cases of various types of infertility who are born with the help of surrogate mothers. This figure is due to the fact that it is relatively rare for women to have complex infertility cases that have to be corrected with the help of surrogate mothers alone.

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