Is Kombucha Good for Your Vagina?

Kombucha, we are constantly hearing about the health benefits that it offers, however many of these are fairly general benefits, such as reducing the risk of bone diseases, improving digestion and reducing stress – All benefits that can be found by all, regardless of sex. Kombucha tea however has been used by women across the world for centuries to increase their vaginal health, and it is this today that we are going to be discussing.

Ever wondered whether there is wat to stop your bacterial vaginosis from returning once and for all? Without having to repeatedly take prescription drugs that, could present potential health risks? Well there is – Kombucha tea. Numerous studies have in fact been complete showing how probiotic drinks such as kombucha can work to eliminate bacterial vaginosis and other similar conditions, and how they can even work to stop them from coming in the first place.

According to Iffath Hoskin, MD, Clinical associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at NYU Langone Medical Centre probiotics such as kombucha and kefir work to stabilise vaginal pH, allowing healthy bacteria to thrive! With ever women boasting their very own unique pH, influenced by a whole range of factors including diet, menstrual cycles, sex life and more, it goes without saying that certain people require assistance from things like probiotics to ensure that their own pH levels can be as balanced as possible. It is because of imbalances in vaginal pH levels that why some people are prone to getting returning bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

Here is what you can take away:

  • Kombucha works to stabilise pH levels within the vagina, providing women with protection against bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections
  • Kombucha boosts gut flora, boosting the bodies immunity to infections include vaginal ones

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