Lab Grown Diamonds Are Your New Friend

Through the years, diamonds have created problems, conflicts, and certain environmental concerns. Some people believe that the problems that diamonds cause are becoming obsolete because of the emergence of lab-grown diamonds. People are initially fooled by the term lab by which it’s called because they think it is a mock-up. In previous years, synthetic or lab grown diamonds had a negative connotation.

Openly accepted lab grown diamonds

Today, they are highly accepted by everyone not just for its consistent composition that is almost identical with a natural diamond and for its quality, but because synthetic diamonds were able to solve the problems that natural diamonds have stirred up. You see, behind the gleaming beauty and elegance of a naturally acquired diamond is the dark story of how it was taken and the negative effects that it imposes on the environment. You have to put in mind that when you are buying a natural diamond, you are condoning child labor and other inhumane practices.

Fight for the jewel

People from Africa would even consider killing other people just so they could get their hands on the diamond and sell it in the market. In addition to that; naturally acquired diamonds are also smuggled in different places of the world because they are in-demand. This mode of acquisition not only makes it extremely dangerous for the people involved, but it is also very inhumane. This, together with other factors has brought the prices of natural diamonds up.

Think for the consequences on nature

Likewise, when buying naturally-occurring diamonds, you are also allowing the destruction of the environment. Just think about it for a second; one carat of a gem diamond will extract almost 275 tons of ore. This is a staggering number that puts the environment on a massively stressful situation. The open cast strip-mining method is used to extract the diamond from the earth. This method destroys the ecosystem of the location and further damages the environment. This seriously dangerous and destructive method only adds to the many problems of the country in which it was taken from.

Solving major issues

In the end, they are just shooting themselves on the foot. Synthetic diamonds completely solve all of these major problems. And, more importantly, synthetic diamonds are also almost in perfect tandem with real diamonds. So a one carat white diamond at $1,600 plus the white gold mounting makes a simple solitaire ring rather pricey – about $2,500.

While that may be slightly cheaper than a mined diamond ring, it doesn’t exactly make it affordable or competition for someone who only has $300 or $400 and can get a CZ engagement ring in white gold. However, altogether fairness we must state that the jewelry offered by NEA using white, yellow, and blue artificial diamond gems is incredibly beautiful and tastefully crafted and the gems are absolutely gorgeous.


The movie “Blood Diamond” imposes a strong message on the need for change regarding diamond mining. Lab diamonds, for one, spare the ecosystem from being destroyed because these are created by machines. Because of this, the price is greatly reduced. In addition to that, illegal syndicates and warlords would also lose their means of doing business. This would result in the dismissal of child labor, armament supplies, and mining-related violence.