Making a Drunk Driver Pay for Your Injuries and Losses After a Car Accident they Caused

Car accidents happen every day. A lot of them resulted from reckless drunk drivers who put other road users in danger. As a victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver, you need to know your legal rights and options. A Car Accident Lawyer Near Me will walk you through these and file a claim or lawsuit for you.

Finding Fault in a Car Accident: The Role a Criminal Charge May Play

Although low alcohol levels can impair a driver’s ability to safely drive their car, this impairment can only be illegal if their Blood Alcohol Content is over 0.8. If a driver has a DUI or DWI charge, this means they have a certain amount of alcohol in their system that exceeds that allowable level. But, the charge does not automatically make the drunk driver responsible for any accident they are involved in. An intoxicated driver can be found at fault for a vehicle crash when a court determines it.

Driving while drunk is a prevalent issue that can create a huge financial burden on the victims who sustained serious injuries. Alcohol can alter how a driver thinks or makes decisions, reduces their reaction time, as well as causes vision and coordination issues, causing accidents on the road. 

Who is Responsible for Your Accident?

Fault determines who is financially responsible for any damage or injuries that result from a car accident. To win your case, it is not enough to show the other driver was drunk. You must prove that your accident resulted from the driver’s decision to be behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

In a car crash case that involves a drunk driver, your attorney should prove the existence of a duty. It is every driver’s responsibility or duty to keep themselves and others say while driving as well as obey traffic laws. Disobedience to these rules is a breach of their duty of care and can be the reason they can cause an accident. Your attorney must prove these elements, so fault can be assigned to a drunk driver. 

If an intoxicated driver caused your accident you must consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to know what to do. Before you can choose an attorney, make sure you don’t sign anything or discuss the crash with an insurance claims adjuster. Insurance companies may request you to sign a document authorizing them to get your medical records or one that can prevent you from seeking more compensation in the future.  A good attorney can fully investigate the exact cause of your accident.