Pompadour is an original haircut that will add some alluring highlight and gloss to a male image. It can be applied to any face shape and hair structure. It appeared in the eighteenth century, but the shining moment of the famous hairstyle came in the fifties, when the rock and roll king Elvis Presley brought it to the top of popularity in barbershop on Manhattan.

Nowadays the vintage look with a modern twist has reemerged as a hot tendency. Pompadour’s charm has inspired hairdressers to create daily, evening and party hairstyles. Highly teased bangs are combined well with tucked, loose and short hair. Pompadour with shaved temples looks extremely ravishing.

The major benefit of a hairstyle is its simplicity and affordability. A main feature of the pompadour haircut is the shortened length of the hair on the sides and back. The strands on top should be longer and combed back or flipped to the side, setting a center parting. The bangs can be combed to the forehead or from this one – it’s a matter of taste.

Whom is it for? For men with any face shape who prefer a modern or classic style of outfit. Whom does it not suit? Those who have tracksuits on daily.

This option will never go out of style, since it was popular even several decades ago. The modern version is less opulent and voluminous. The main thing here is to choose a proper fixing product, hairspray is an ideal fit.

This styling variant will appeal to those guys who like to take risks. It became especially popular with representatives of the hipster trend. Keep in mind that with this hairstyle, you have to choose the right clothes and shoes as well.

Well, do not forget, you must have more or less long hair for such a hairstyle, otherwise nothing will work. The versatility of pompadour is that both owners of thick and thin hair can do it. After some more training, you can style your hair in just several minutes!

Dry your hair naturally after taking a shower. Comb locks with a hairbrush and a blow dry, heading a hot airflow in different directions. It is important to do such manipulation from all sides. In the meanwhile, continue to comb them with a large-toothed comb or just your fingers. In this way you can get voluminous hair.

After hair drying, apply a small amount of the gel to the palm of your hand and rub it a little so that it spreads evenly. Don’t use a big amount of gel agent, the hair will stick together and look messy. Oil the top and sides of the hair with it.

Then take a comb and style your hair over the top, heading back. If the ends don’t want to stick, add one more drop of gel. The side hair can be curled. The main thing is that the whole hairstyle should fit well-balanced. When you have finished styling, fix the result with a light-weight hairspray. Hair wax is used rather than gel in such situations.

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