Varied uses of VPN you never knew

VPN is a simple tool; however, it has multiple uses including the following:

  • It is used by travelers for accessing their business network such as local network resources. The local resources do not get exposed to the internet directly that enhances security.
  • You can establish your VPN for accessing the network while you travel. It will enable you to access the Windows desktop on the internet, play games online, and share local files like on the same local area network.
  • When you use a WiFi connection, whatever you will browse will be visible to all. If you want privacy and want to hide your internet activities, you may connect a VPN. A local network can see a secure and single VPN. Other traffic shall travel through the VPN connection. 
  • Many people of China use VPN 翻牆 to gain access to the internet and to get into the Great Firewall of China.
  • Many people use its connections for downloading files through BitTorrent. It is useful when you download legal torrents. If your Internet service providers make your internet connection slow, you can use VPN for faster speeds
  • If you want to access the internet when you are moving out of your country, then you can access the restricted sites through a virtual private network. 

How does a VPN prove to be useful?

VPN connects to your smartphone, tablet, or PC to another server on the internet. You can browse the internet. If the server is located in another country, it shall appear that you are arriving from that country. You can access things that you may not do otherwise. You can use it to watch streaming media such as Hulu and Netflix, overcome geographical restrictionswhile streaming video or audio, gain anonymity online, protect yourself from fake WiFi hotspots, and protect yourself while torrenting. Most people use a VPN to watch restricted content of another country.  

Use VPN in Windows

You can connect to a VPN in a simple and easy manner. In Windows, you can simply use it by pressing the Window key. Thereafter, you have to type VPN and click on VPN connection option. In case you use Windows 8, you will need to click Settings. Enter your login credentials and address using the wizard. Then, you can connect to a VPN and disconnect using its network icon through the system tray. It is the same one through which you manage a WiFi network.