Why do men wear a chain?

Wearing a chain is famous from the past. During ancient times we can find many men were chains all over their body. Different models and precious stones are plated on them. It shows their authority power to other country’s kings. This habit continues still now. We can notice many men wear light-weight chains with a simple model. Some people will go with heavy models, it is all based on their mentality. It is worn for the following reasons. They are,

  • Can wear for long years without damage.
  • The resale value is high.
  • Builds your self-confidence.
  • Shows your value to society.
  • Knows about the fashion of style.

Mostly rappers, DJs, music people, artists, models, etc., wear different kinds of chains and even two to three chains are worn at on same time. It will show their fashion on jewels. People will start to follow the same. It’s wrong to think that only women were addicted to jewels. Chains or any ornaments it can be, which is equal to both men and women. Only the design will vary between them. 

In we can find many models and different varieties of materials. It can be shipped all over the world with a free shipping charge. Each model of the chain is customized so we can say our need and they will do it for us. Even the pendant is also customized according to our needs. We can find the site over this link

What kinds of materials are used?

Many people will think that only gold and silver chains will be available in the market to wear. But the information is wrong. There are many kinds of materials are found. Such as gold, sterling silver, platinum, rose gold, diamond plated, white gold, black rhodium finished, etc., 

We can choose according to our skin color. It gives a prestigious look to the person. The gold will range from 10k to 14k. Even silver will come along with black rhodium finished. It will be the perfect gift for our loved ones with a budget-friendly idea.

What are the different models are found?

There are many models are found. Some models will be lightweight and others will be heavily designed. Based on our nature we can choose. They are,

  • Mariner chains: designed as oval links bars. Similar to the anchor of the boat.
  • Rolo model: has round links and shows the gold well. Rappers will choose them.
  • Gucci link chain: suitable for daily wear.
  • Franco style: it is Italian style with a V link model.
  • Cuban link chain: it is widely used by street players and DJs. It is a thick and chunky Cuban model chain.
  • Figaro style: most popular during the 80’s rappers and it is an Italian model. Here bigger oval end connected with two small ones
  • Singapore chain: it is bold and thick can be used with or without the pendant.
  • Rope model: suited for both men and women. It is similar to the rope model.
  • Rosary chain: used for praying, meditation, etc., mostly used by divine lovers.
  • Dog chain model: it is 22 to 24 inches in length and many layers are found as the inner layer.