Five Points to Look at when Buying a Single Serve Coffee Maker


Single-cup coffeemakers are available in all shapes, features, colours, and sizes. With a lot of options out there, it is important to have a clear picture of what your single-serve coffee maker needs are. When deciding on the best single serve coffee maker, below are some points to look at. 

The Type of Coffee you Drink

When choosing a single-serve coffee maker, consider what you want from your coffee maker. Do you like an espresso or brewed coffee? Or are you a milky, flavoured coffee fan? Also, do you want a coffee maker that can also let you drink tea or hot coffee?

How Many Cups of Coffee You Usually Drink?

How often will you drink coffee from your coffee maker? Will you use the single-serve coffee maker to entertain guests or for your frequent craving for coffee? You can find single-serve coffee brewers that come with water reservoirs. If you tend to drink coffee frequently throughout the day, you want a machine with a water reservoir. It is also ideal for homes with several coffee drinkers.

The Amount of Space You have for the Machine

The size of coffee maker you need also depends on the space available to accommodate it. If you need one for your small kitchen or boat, you want to invest in a space-saving machine. But, if you need a coffee maker for a big family or your office tea room, you may want to get a bigger machine. Some manufacturers make coffee machines that can be installed in the wall or under the counter so customers can save on space even further. 

Is Auto-Shutoff a Priority to You?

If you tend to always have hectic mornings, a coffee maker that shuts itself after brewing might be the best for you. Some machines come with an auto-shutoff feature that kicks in if you are not there for the next step of the setup process. Due to the short brew times and the lack of heating plates for keeping a cup of coffee warm, a lot of machines don’t enable pre-scheduling the start time.

Cost of Operation

Pre-packaged coffee packs are expensive and add up over time. If you are concerned about how much you would spend on your coffee indulgence, add up the number of cups of coffee you drink every day and multiply this by 30 to determine the number of pre-packaged cups or pods you purchase every month. Typically, ground coffee is more affordable, though some single cup coffee brewers require more ground coffee per cup than standard machines.