Is Selling Jewelry a Good Business?


People love jewels. They love to use these items to get dressed up for a night spent with friends or to celebrate a special occasion. In many cases, they’ll become the new owner of a piece of jewelry that costs a sizeable amount.

For salespeople, when people spend such sizeable amounts, this spells profits for them. Considering the potential profits to be made, we’ll focus on whether selling jewelry is a good business.


There are some people who prefer having a bit of structure in their work life. For instance, they might prefer going into an office, where they spend their days determining the profitability of a company through utilizing tools such as an EBITDA calculation. They’ll sit at their desk, digging further into such topics as the free cash flow, lines of credit, one-time expenses, industry averages, non-recurring expenses, and the baseline profitability of a company. Sitting amid a group of other workers tackling such matters is where some people prefer to be. They might have a need to discuss such matters as the variations of EBITDA, the company’s revenue over specific quarters, or even third quarter royalties with other co-workers.

Other people though don’t require working in such a structured environment. This is the case for someone seeking employment in jewelry sales. As a jewelry salesperson, you have a bit of freedom in how you conduct your business. Though many salespeople do work in brick-and-mortar stores, there are others who work from home or on the road. They utilize the best practices of their industry to set their own schedules, working freely across the United States. With this type of flexibility, they can conduct any aspect of their jewelry-selling business from wherever they want. They can hold virtual meetings about the recent gold prices of Alamos Gold Inc. from a hotel room. Or maybe they can travel for an in-person jewelry consultation with a prospective client, while also taking proper COVID-19 precautions. Whatever the case, selling jewelry is a good business to get into if you’re seeking flexibility in your career choices.


For many, many years now, adorning one’s body with jewelry has always been high in demand. This demand is why people from the United States to the Republic of Turkey spend large amounts of money on these adornments. Beaded necklaces, gold engagement rings, charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, gemstone rings, hoop earrings, and personalized charms are the most popular forms of jewelry that people add to their collections. The demand for such items keeps gold mining companies such as Alamos Gold profitable. As a jewelry salesperson, this will also keep you in business.

When companies such as Alamos Gold Inc. mine ounces of gold from mines across the United States and the Republic of Turkey, this is due to increased demand from customers. These companies enjoy first quarters, second quarters, and third quarters of strong ongoing free cash flow. This can help to lower costs for gold prices and will allow you as a jewelry seller to reap the benefits of such successes. As the demand for jewelry continues unabated, and the gold mining projects for companies like Alamos Gold Inc. continue to feed this demand, this can benefit many jewelry salespeople.

Return on Investment

Tied into the demand side of things, you’ll receive a return on your investment by becoming a jewelry salesperson. Through the combined profits of your main pay and then commissions, your income received will rise over the years. You won’t exactly be swimming in ounces of gold with money made in your first few years of selling jewelry. If you remain an active presence with your current customers and potential customers, then you’ll experience growth capital over time. Many jewelry salespersons in the United States have enjoyed a high net sales over the years that has helped become a return on their initial investment.