What Is The Best Off-grid Water Filtration System

The need for a functional water filtration system has continued to rise after it was discovered that most of the filtration systems are not capable of achieving the level of purity their manufacturers claim.  Some who have been tested to be slightly efficient have a couple of issues that may discourage most prospective users from getting them. For example, some of these off-grid water systems require water pressure as well as a higher electricity consumption level. This simply means that they cannot be used in times of emergency or in certain rural areas where access to social utilities is limited.

To solve some of the problems that face these water systems, a number of other systems have been produced for sale in the market. With the influx of off-grid water filtration systems in the market, it has become quite difficult for buyers to pick the best. In this piece, we will unravel the best off-grid water system any homeowner should opt for.

Berkey Water Filtration System

After a number of extensive research and testing, it was discovered that the Berkey Water Filtration System is the best in the market at the moment. One of the most interesting things about this water system is that it does not require electricity. Being a gravity-fed off-grid water filtration system, the Berkey Water System does not require users to connect to a pressurization point. It has been identified to remove a number of harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Some of these contaminants include; pesticides, herbicides, and a number of heavy metals.

There is currently no water system that is capable of achieving the purification level the Berkey Water System offers and the most important part is that it is done off-grid. Its ability to function without electricity makes it a perfect fit for use anywhere. It makes it a perfect fit for emergencies as well. It can be used in hostile environments, outdoor activities, and off-grid homes and cabins.

Those who do not have access to clean or treated water will also find this water filtration system to be of so much help as it is capable of purifying water that is gotten from streams, lakes, ponds, etc. There are currently a number of these Berkey Water system units available.

One of the best elements of this water system is the Berkey Light System which as the name implies is a lightweight water filtration unit that has been designed specifically for outdoor use, home use, travel, and all emergency cases. Manufactured with non PBA/PBS co-polyester material, this water filtration unit does not retain foul smell into your water. With a storage capacity of 10.4 liters, the Berkey Light water purification unit when fully configured is capable of serving more than 190 persons during an emergency case in a day. When configured with two (2) Black Berkey elements, this water purification system is capable of producing 15.2 liters (4 gallons) of water in an hour. On the other hand, when configured with four (4) Black Berkey Elements, the Berkey Light water system is capable of producing about 30 liters (8 gallons) of water at that same time.

The Big Berkey Gallon is another amazing unit that is capable of purifying your water 100% off-grid. This water system is ideal for medium and small families and like the other units can be used for outdoor activities, travels, home use, and emergency cases. Unlike the Berkey Light system, the Big Berkey has been configured with two (2) Black Berkey elements. Interestingly, depending on your needs, you may decide to upgrade to the four (4) Black Berkey elements.

With a storage capacity of 8.5 liters, this water purification unit can serve a family of 1 to 4. During emergency cases, this unit can serve at most 170 people a day. When configured with the two (2) Black Berkey elements, this purification unit is capable of producing 13.3 liters (3.5 gallons) of water in an hour. When upgraded to the four (4) Black Berkey element, this unit is capable of producing 26.5 liters (7 gallons) of water.

The Berkey Off-grid water filtration system is currently the best in the market. It is a fully functional filtration system that can be used anywhere.  Be sure to visit for more information.