Does migraine lead to stroke?

Some of the symptoms of migraine and stroke can be similar; this makes people worry whenever they develop headaches and other related signs. If you think that your migraine headache can be a stroke, seek immediate medical assistance. Early identification can help prevent brain damage. Nevertheless, you should know the difference between a migraine, a […]


Do MAOIs Cause Weight Gain?

Antidepressants are related to weight gain. Although the link is smaller than lots of people think, some antidepressants might create a small amount of weight gain over the long term. In one scientific review, researchers found that phenelzine was the MAOI most likely can cause a gain of weight, while various other MAOIs like isocarboxazid […]

Business Tech

5 steps for protecting small businesses from phishing in 2021 

The ongoing global health crisis has caused ripples in every industry. Small businesses have taken a hit, and many companies have no choice but to allow WFH for employees for an indefinite period. Expectedly, there are some serious cybersecurity concerns to address in 2021, and phishing remains one of the top concerns. Fixing security vulnerabilities […]


Tips On How To Train For Outdoor Sports During The Summer 

The high temperatures, especially in August, may involve certain hazards: the high intensity training takes pulse, metabolism and body temperature high levels in a short period of time. If, in addition, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it can increase the propensity to have circulation problems or, even worse, heatstroke. Heat can also cause less severe […]


Personal Loan Myths To Debunk

Some people wrongfully consider credit cards as debt traps. Some view personal loans as something scary. With this, some people end up being deprived of an opportunity to maximize the benefits that they can get from borrowing money from the reputed licensed money lender Singapore. Without fully understanding the nature of personal loans from legit lenders […]

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A List of Different Types of Water Pumps

As the name suggests, the work of any ‘pump’ is the pull liquid from the undergrounds to the surface or help liquid to flow from one place to another considering the inlet and outlet measurements and the pressure give during the pumping. The more you study on pumps you’ll know the variants and different variable […]

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What it is, how it works and what are the advantages of 3D rendering?

Until a few years ago the so-called technical drawings (in 2D CAD) dominated the field of architecture and design. They were tools with which the designer provided all the necessary information – heights, elevations, distances from the roads, volumes, wall thickness, ambient surface, etc. Today things are changing. Thanks to the continuous evolution in the […]


What to Know If You Seek to Petition an H-1B Worker

American employers who want to sponsor a non-immigrant by hiring them to work in the U. S. should obtain an H-1B visa. Foreign sponsorship is common if you have difficulty finding the right talent for your business. Sometimes, you can hire highly educated non-immigrant workers if you can find workers domestically. Typically, you can sponsor […]